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Saturday, June 29, 2013

more coastal lily

this what I have so far all the lilies are paired and geese are ready to be herded up

I think I'm going to love it when I get finished

but I'm not sure about the quilting

frankly I am ready to have a finish this week and I am sure you are tired of looking at this one and have a new plan

I seem to have uses my old method of measure once and cut twice  but I think it is going to work out I have a good feeling

on the other hand Thelma over at cupcakes n daisies has finished hers and it is beautiful and a new schnibble to boot what a woman!

I am going to start a new one by Monday I have it picked up downloaded and I have most of the fabric already I love it when I start a new one and can use what I already have  I did pick up a few fat quarters at the quilted cow when I took my machine in to be cleaned before I start to quilt my hubble

this jar is mostly full of the leftover triangles trimmed off after the stitch and flip that this quilt is mostly made of im not sure what to do with them

this is a kit I picked up the other day when I took my dwr into the quilter I think it will be cute for my granddaughter
well I am back to work a week now and tired going to bet talk later