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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

new finish! urban pods

have I mentioned how much I love this ruler
the design options are great and endless
I have a few pieces leftover and trying to come up with something for a table runner
I added another row to make it a bit wider and that's easy to do just make more
I plan to start quilting a few things this week I am off until Friday night
sew-cation !
and I guess a little housework too ugh!
I was told about this quilt shop about an hour from here and a friend and I plan to attack it this morning WOOHOO!!!

Friday, December 27, 2013

summer swoon finish

so the above is the final layout below was the original
I flipped the bottom row so all the bolder colors were not together i think I like it better
I did also finish the other swoon and will post later but when I had it layed out on the floor my cat decided to pee on it
YES !! the cat is still alive
but spending more time outside
so this is the craziest thing I took this photo the other say when all the trees had ice on them and were so pretty I have no idea how that falling snow came about
or here either that is the hubs he made that snowman for our granddaughter in florida
talk later have a great day
the buttons are dog treats and soon disappeared

Friday, December 20, 2013

A tale of 2 swoons

We'll here they are swoon #1 this is going to be mine I am missing 2 go figure
 dotty swoon
apparently google does not want to load the other 2 ill work on that

This is my town raffle quilt blocks below I made 10in case i I don't like one

oops!one of these is not like the other

cute little elephants

see that flying geese at the bottom
 now look at the others I did not till now guess I will be ripping out
I am trying to finish these before the quilter calls about my other quilt and take both to her to quilt I need to add sashing and layout then I am done
I don't know if I mentioned while these are a quick to make block
unless you make them the same I got so confused even tho I had both sets of fabric separate I forgot what went with what
ay yaya!
but you could easily put one together in a weekend if you cut and square up before hand
off to work and I will talk later have a great weekend

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Curve it up ruler

I have to admit this is a fun ruler and forgiving this is the bed runner I finished

Used the ribbon accuquilt go die I had only 3 corners and my husband insisted that it looked funny so I did the other corner now how to quilt it

Well that's it trying to still play with my iPhone

These are my new deer clearance at Joann's
Talk later I am working on a few things and still have hubs home so I still have not used my new baby but I'm planning to tomarrow
Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

whats going on here

curve it up urban pods

I have to say this ruler really is fun to use and a word to the wise don't use a really thick fabric or on the other hand a really stretchy on just plain ole cotton not real heavy on the die

don really have a pattern for this and I am not sure about the ribbon placement yet but it woll be a bed runner
and also my dwr bed runner that's as close as I'll have at a quilt for our king no more tiny piecing for a while
and good bye to 7700 trading her in they already have a buyer for it used up till the last sec
ill show you later what I got
and my 2 swoon coming along

well that's it
talk later

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

just a i phone quickie trial

just checking to see where my pictures are going and this was the cutest thing I had nearby to photograph I think I can do this after I get all those apps back in my phone my other phone had several but I have to go find them for apple
we are still running to the doctor yesterday a new general  for things like flu and sinus she checked my blood pressure which has been running high for a few months and now I will be on bp med really!
I exercise try to eat right now I will be taking as much meds as my husband who does not do those things anyway today we go back to see about his kidney stones and what they are going to do last week had the cist retaken off his head that came back and then I work the next 4 days so I get no sewing in unless I'm sneaky
sorry this is boring me too so

I will have a quilty  post hopefully tomorrow stay tuned  I really have been working
talk later have a great day

Monday, December 2, 2013





hope everybody had a good thanksgiving I am lots behind on everything and to add to it my husband decided we needed new phones not a regular phone I phones now taking in mind I have had a smartphone about 2 years now he has only had a flip but this is a whole other world there are things on this phone that just pop up out of nowhere so picture posts will be delayed til I figure out how to upload to blog unless there is someone that is willing to help me out (hint hint )


talk later