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Saturday, June 15, 2013

quilty goodnessand coastal lily progress

                                                                 I finished the dwr sample and its washed and kandi thought it was a little windy so she held it down for me the larger one is for my niece and when I get back to work soon I hope I will take it to be quilted by my longarm quilter I hated to call and tell her to skip over me I have waited 12 weeks to get it in but I just do not have the money she told me she had 100 quilts and was behind so it worked for both I think I  will take it up this week tho

 I like to make a few extra blocks
1.because I usually screw at least one up
2 because I like to quilt it myself and decide how I want it to look

I am going to call this afternoon at the beach it is a smaller version of my afternoon at the park I had the longarm quilter do last year  and is a tube strip quilter I got off the Missouri quilt co and I still don't have the binding on I had several strips leftover that didn't match so I put it together and quilted it myself oh my all those little pebbles but I loved how It turned out
I am still trying different ways of sewing the binding still think hand is the best looking but I machine sewed it on so I could get it finished

and three borders

                    I love the outer border design I call it eyeballs and I stole the idea from judi at the green fairy hope she doesn't mind I could never do it justice she does such beautiful work
on to my project at hand  this is a finished coastal lily block
as I said before I can not cut and sew straight I think if my life depended on it so naturally I had problems the berries are not in the crack like they should be and the blocks are not 10 1/2 like they should be so I thought I would shave them down so I can square them and then I think the geese will be off and still have to do them
 I think the crime started with the lily parts they were not quite the same size and went down hill from there
 my thread came yaaa!
 I have these and im going to make a few more and remedy the problem
if you want to see the blocks in perfection go look at thelmas over at cupcakies and daisies they are beautiful