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Sunday, December 30, 2012

christmas vacation

i have been gone physically and mentally i guess i have burn out i think from all activity and my husband decided we would go away for christmas something i have never in 47 yrs done i always go to my momms for christmas so im going to bore you with some pics ok?
lots of star fish all around this area all colors and sizes i wnet down and collected a few for a cameo later before we left
christmas lights
my husband on christmas day snorkel
this was the secrets wild orchid preferred side in montego bay only a few min.from the airport since we only had 5 days usually we to stay in negril when we go to jamaicabut it takes over an hour to get their and obviously everyone goes to jamaica on christmas i hav never seen so many people in immigration ever they said its always like that on christmas eve
the front entrance
on the beach

 a pair o peacocks came around at breakfast
well thats it for today i have today off he had to work maybe get in some sewin
have a great ond

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

buns and not much else

not much sewing or any fun stuff goin onwe make cookies and candy at work for the customers for 2 weeks and that kinda burns me out making for family
this is what i took to my work x-mas party last night i also made jambalaya and homemade sea salt caramels they melt in your mouth
it also snowed a little yesterday if you look close at the pic below
 my husband is working night so and im afraid to do any freemotion in the next room it does make a lot of noise going that fast i dont want to wake him

we are going out of town next week bought a new dress and its tiny and very thin so a little less food and a little harder workouts and extra runs this week my plan is to wear it the first night to dinner and not alot of getting up and down so as to not draw alot of attention to myself did i mention how thin it is and red ! im sure noone will notice just keep telling myself ILL NEVER SEE THESE PEOPLE AGAIN
 i still have to tell my mother we wont be there i think im done tho with shopping  i have to take my summer in the park quilt to be quilted this week i hope!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

swimwear in december

can you tell these are the same without a code ?
do you know how hard it is to find swimwear in dec that fits and doesn cost a fortune hard but when you add incompitence( sorry for the spelling ) on the sellers part it is just my luck i find two that i like are not expensive at amazon and they are shipped fast i get them today and they are 2 of the same suit WHAT how i can tell the difference without looking at a number had to send back a dress today to i guess im done venting today

miss eloise quilt finished and brittle

i finished the label and sewed it on at work on sunday and snipped all those loose threads fixed a loose seam i foundand its ready to ship to florida today
i love the backing ins zoology i had  a hard time getting it everyone was out and i love it ists not
 direction and very busy for my not professional quilting skills thats a plus !
her name is so long i had to make another label i ran out of room

i did a design in the center and stipple around itan open leaf with a loop in each of the 9 patch blocks continued the swirl in the second border you cant see a swirls in thefirts white and did the leaf again in the outerim alwasy afraid the blueor whatever i mark with will not wash out after all that that would be awful to have permanant blue in those all whit blocks and i use 2 shout color catchers in the laundry when i use precuts i dont wash them before

i have to tell you about this brittle its got saltine crackers as the base cooked caramel topping bake it 8 min spread butterscotch chips on top then toasted almonds and is to die for !!crazy i know but as you can see th th left bubba thought it was a plate for him it will be on the cookie table today cant leave this at home i had to make more chex mix to i add extra butter and they love it
later!have a great day

Monday, December 3, 2012

5 today

hard to believe it my little baby is 5 today on valentines day my husband drove me 3 hrs one way to pick this little bundle he was against it but i had had a hard time after haveing to put down my 11 yr corgy thought i would not want another house dog but i decided i needed another love we picked her up drove half way home and she began to cough terrible by the time i got her home and to the vet first thing i had gotten a pup with a bad case of kennel cough she was so tiny we really thought she was not going to live we held her and layed in bed with her i cant believe someone would let this get so bad they must have given her something to keep her quiet and it wore off later i was furious but already in love!and so was my husband now he takes her everywhere possible  and she is so spoiled her big brother bubba looks after also i cant imagine my life without a dog in it they are such comedians oh and my 5 cats well thats it for today getting some binding on i hope today
have a great one !

Sunday, December 2, 2012

i know you know its dec 2 2012

i know its dec 2 but i cant believe i took the dogs for a run this morning in shorts and a tank i actually had sweat i think its almost 70 at 7am i have to work all day so it will probably be snowing tomarrow yooksome pictures to post but naturally they havent loaded to google so that will have to wait i went to a craft show yesterday bought a couple things a cute primitive tree and some really reallt good olive oil and some potpouri its called iscotti and it smells really good
will be sending some goodies off tomarrow to a friend and his platoon in aphganistan he dates my neice she really misses him
gotta go talk later