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Friday, May 31, 2013

rebuild and giveaway

new shiney new dining room and giveaway 
big giveaway here today thread and patterns and fabric oh my

river returning
 im much to old to find a new job after 22 yrs here river please go away!

Friday, May 24, 2013

flood cleanup update

back dining room newmcurtains

the bathroom repainted it is done

front dining room painted done

floors a little grungy but all the painting is done counters on and the paint scraped off the floor

kitchen needs more work dishwasher hooked back up  but the new fruer table is in

back waitress station doneand new icemachine and they raised it up so us old ladies dont have to leanover so much whoo hoo!
well thats it for today have to work at home today cleaning is never done here either and im almost done with the block quilt abt 1 more row and binding the bounce quilt so its done for reopening have a great weekend stay safe

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

phone chair finish

ok for obvious reasons(im using it to take pics) i do not have my phone  in its chair so i put my cordless phone in it so you get the idea it worked for it to maybe i can find it now

if anybody would like to know how i made them please just leave a comment

smart phone chair

so i ran across this tutorial the other day i notice that people at work and some people coming the resteraunt (more update on that later ) are propping their phones up on the wall, mustard bottled their purse the sugar holder anything the can find so this is what i found at its not something you would want to carry around with you but i got to thinking what could i do to make a little less sewing and reminded me of my pin cushion Eileen that gets into most of my photos if you look at some of my past posts
so i  sat down yesterday with my rotary cutter and ruler and began with photos but i dont know if i can do a tutorial or not i dont want to step on anybodys toes and i have never done one any advice please!

Friday, May 17, 2013

cleanup and a little quilty eyecandy

the new label for the donation quilt

and below is my stained glas quilt i plan toquilt it myself my orphan dwr blocks and trying out bias binding my first for it

i thought a few flowers ight cheer the place up

cleanup coming along painting has begun and will continue for the next few days the bar is almost done and can reopen whie the resteraunt is being finished so to make a little money
thats it for today probably the weekend
we are trying to get the whole place painted  by mon .
can u believe we are shooting for memorial day
talk later

Monday, May 13, 2013

clean up begins yuk!

this is what i walked into this morning

this is the place i work and have worked with the same people basically for the las 22 yrs it makes me sadto see this and this is not the first time for us in 93 alone we had to clean this not once but twice
the bar

the back dining room muddy carpet can u say nasty!

the front dining room below the back waitress station

 the bathroom door
thats how much water was in it
since apr 20>

 more  muddy carpet main dining room after the water receded
 the kitchen above
 and the front waitress station
 another kitchen shot
 the fridge that fell over
its a 3 door fridge comercial unit
 the store room
 other side


Sunday, May 12, 2013

dogs and quilts

didnt matter where he went that cat had to cuddle him
all my cats love the dogs

Friday, May 10, 2013

my new hobo bag

here it is all finished

outer phone pocket

a flower i foud i made a couple yrs ago that didnt have a home

the inside with a devided pocket

the front

the back


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

new fast quilt project

so we got an invite to a boys wedding that we have known all his life and wanted to give him something special so i rooted through all my fabric trying to find enough of something not to big i could easily maybe quilt myself and heres what i found a half cut out quilt with still all the fabric together and all i had to do was cut out a few more squares and stitch it up 2to 3 days work now to baste and quilt i have a month it looks like something i would snuggle under
12 in blocks 6x7layout
i have said before im not good with random scrappy and sames touching but i like it i really do i think im going to quilt in geometric squares all over and a pieced back

my hobo is done but  i think it needs a little bling
photos to come
talk later
diana : )

Saturday, May 4, 2013

noodlehead basket

i bought a pdf pattern of a divided basket i have seen alot of divided baskets but usually the divider is removible this one is sewn in and i likedit had several fabrics and a outer pocket so this week i tied into itcouple things the pics are not good and after print even worse but i think i got it the divider incertion is a bit confusing so i dont know if i did it the right way or my way either way i think they turned out adorablei sometimes with things like this i cut out 2 just in case i screw it up so ill be keeping one and giving one full of diapers and such away later here they are in proogress 

and the finish

 the lighting really does not do them justice the outer is a really pretty leaf camoprint and the lining a orange leopard he does alot of hunting so i thought this would work i cant wait to make more

 that i got a pattern in padukah of a tote with a velcro divider im going to try that later

i also cut out this purse pattern while im off work and plan to finish it
<outer body

<lining and accent corners

 this is stil my work place under water the water has fallen but with all the rain the illinois and mississippi are predicted to rise again

wellthats it for today
catch ya later