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Monday, June 10, 2013

flooded and sewing

so im still outa work rumor has it that we might be unable to reopen I have worked here 22 yrs I don't think I know how to do anything else so we will remain broke until further notice

these were taken 2 days ago the water is dropping at a few inches per day  sorry abt the sun it was 630 in the morning I just love morning everything starts new again

i have a finish to share as soon as i get it pressed today and then ill post maybe 2

this is it all wadded up in the corner my stained glass is all sewn together

and i finished all the pebbling on this yesterday took abt 2 hrs i should have timed the whole quilt so i know just how long it took to fill it all in

so now on to the borders there are three two while and one pieced with the strips and i cut them at 4.5 and sewn end to end i should have measured better afterthought and done it right some of the sections had to be shortened but this was my scrap challenge to myself to quilt something other than lines or meander

(on a whole quilt)

so im trying to keep the house cleaned up and get some of these projects knocked out still working on coastal lily

waiting on some thread and got some stabilizer at good ole wally world on sat.
so i can start on the berries and stems


              leaf and stem

maybe ill have some more to show & talk tomarrow


have a great Monday!