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Thursday, January 30, 2014

fast baby quilt

hello and happy thursday hope it is warmer wherever you are reading this from  than it is here

this was the beautiful sky this morning
anyway i bet you didnt come here to see scenery

bubba turns 5 he wanted cake for his birthday

when he did not get cake for his birthday he got cheeseburgers

i quilted this up in an hour last night you cant really see anything
 i did a swirly flower leaf 
minky on the back  i was a little afraid of it i have to admit i spray basted and pinned and it turned out fine 
i have a green flannel for the binding this will be baby carson quilt

 churndash  baby
my husband loves the old fashioned blocks and i love all the new fabric 

my husband has a cleaning lady at work and he says she works really hard and he would like to give her a baby quilt
 i did check he says it is not his baby!
and would like to give her my hst project i dont think so maybe to someone i know anyway i made this in 4 hrs total from the time i picked out the fabric ( Flirt )i had a fat 8th bundle i cut it all in 5 in squares the white is from leftover log cabin quiltbacking but i am unsure about the border i dont know what the gender and am afraid of making it to boyish
but i do love it
well thats it for today have some chores to get too
have a great weekend 
talk later 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

painted ladies finish and a little freemotion

little freemotion quilting on some extra blocks this is the fabric i used for my other niece dwr quilt i hsve it back from the quilter
sometime i need to sit down and bind these quilts 

i love the texture and i used a high loft batting

 i even like the back

pinwheel corners i did a feather in each white section and seed stitch on the colors
ill take a better picture after i get it bound 

freemotion stitch in the ditch and the back

and this is still what i look at at work everyday they thought the ferry would run by today but not a chance the barges have to chop at it all the way just a path maybe by valentines day

speaking of that i have a couple pillow projects in the works both of my girls have their own appts now and i thought a little pillow decor would be good so check back on that later 
i apperantly have used over out alotted bites for internet and this thing has slowed way down and i have to wait ill the end of the month and it will reset
well have a great day 
talk later

Friday, January 17, 2014

quilting painted ladies

i have been quilting on painted ladies just stipple in all the background and leaving butterflies puffy

that floral outer border a daisy swirl allover

this is what i looked at work 9 hrs yesterday

thats a river wide with ICE... ICE ...AND MORE ICE 
been closed about 3 weeks now and every ferry in the county
anybody trying the hst blocks they are really fun i can sew one in about 5 min if i dont press til the end
well talk later have a great weekend 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


i am still working on my blogger problem i loaded safari 5 on to my laptop
it took a few min but thats what i accidently used the other day on the ipad well see how this works

the sunrise was beautiful yesterday

talk later have a great night

Off to the quilter

So these are off to be quilted the one on the top I am keeping
Maybe a special little girls
This I am going to call my modern drunk
I used up all the fabric and this is what I had I need to measure it
I am thinking I will quilt it up myself

I am posting from our iPad it has safari and that is what blogger likes this week lol
These were so fun I counted wrong and I had 2hst left I think
16 2 1/2 hst
Know I know why I got tired of squaring them up
You can get a PDF over at simplify website
Or watch it on youtube
We'll I'm off to start quilting my painted ladies quilt I rearranged my sewing room 
We'll see how it works
Talk later 
I hope 

My bubba !he will be 5 this month

Monday, January 13, 2014

Urban birthday

So I think it will post so ill do a quickie

I have a finish on this have to photograph

Still working on my fun project
And I got one of my poinsettia toppers done

                      I am going to figure out this blog problem
                     Talk later

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Testing 123

Trial from iPad 
I don't want to make another blog 
But I am looking maybe tumbler

Thursday, January 9, 2014

blogger trouble again

 I just might have to dump blogger in sure their is something new out there now I cant load pictures from my phone or anywhere else I can see them and click on them just go nowhere

I could possibly make a new blog I have had so much trouble here so I will let you know later

Saturday, January 4, 2014

something a little fun

a few days ago Thelma over at cupcakes and daisies posted a video of 25 block hst
so thinking about all those small hst I have leftover from the 2 swoons got me thinking so I emailed her about the print up and got to my design board and this as a few of what I have
these are so cute I think in the end they will be about 8 in thelmas were 15 I think
I think I can get 24 of the 25 from my pile and they are happy little blocks they make me happy anyway so cheery and bright in these dreary cold days
I am also working quilting on a couple table toppers and Eloise urban birthday curve it up quilt

these are half the blocks the others are opposite these it literally took probably a half an hour to sew press and square up I am boring you with this ruler i'm sure but it really is fun and gets you used to curves because next up Jessica's drunkards path
I also went to a new quilt shop about 65 miles away in Staunton il and picked up a few things on tues
some cute fabric for what now is a baby boy Carson
have a great weekend
talk later

Thursday, January 2, 2014

baby butterfly

well here is quilt 2 painted ladies baby finished today I had a special little baby in mind for this turns out she is guessed it a boy
so I might put this up for sale I don't have any other babies coming

I am never sure what to do in those borders and this one had 3


it was fun to do I used a silver so fine thread on the whole thing
my vacation is over tomorrow and naturally the ferry is closed due to ice and the temp are not helping
so have  great weekend
talk later diana