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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

AWOL ! Not really

So I'm still working on this 

I really 

have not got anything to share that's why I have been AWOL so in honer of national dog day some eye candy

We took last week off to get this large lump removed from Lucy's arm area we went up early ran blood tests as usual only to find that they are pretty sure it's cancer and she was not comfortable doing surgery I don't know about you but if the doc not comfortable I'm not so we just came home

So I good friends dad passed so visitation /funeral then took my sugar cat to vet major sneezing and dehydration I just picked her up yesterday
Oh then all this ice bucket challenge
All the waitresses where I work got the ice tractor bucket dump. That's a lot of cold water
Well oh and is have to go to work \|~€£¥
So maybe I'll get something done next week I have a couple things working 
Comparing simple curves ruler and curve it up 
Oh and tonight I'm making meatloaf and red potatoes in the crockpot
Can't wait to see how it turns out
I'm planning on quilting my missing rings so I'll be setting that up soon
So lots of talk not much quilting 
Kiss a dog today! And everyday
Talk later