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Monday, October 29, 2012

free motion and halloween pictures

i little freemotion practice i need to embroider on the owl quilt i think i might freemotion it soo scarey i could ruin it but ill never know if i dont try wish me luck i gues i can always rip it out
i got my first bom of sew spooky finally!! its been on backorder i have pics later

pics of my beautiful ghost
 i know i know im a little weird


and then a little frosting for being such a good model
she prefers duncan hines cream cheese (so do i )shhhh

Thursday, October 25, 2012

hubble finish

im thinking of quilting it myself its 781/2 square

this is my hubble  aint she pretty after a few rip outs mostly from being in a hurry i m finished
blogger has decided to change to google+ and now posts as robert young anybody have a clue how to change it back i still cnnot upload from my phone to blog

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

my new tool friend

                                                i bought this pattern last week o so the pattern isn there ill post at a later time and talk about this ruler
well this sucks i was uuploading from myphone and now i cant seem to pull picoff of it i had some stuff to show you ill keep trying maybe google+ is the problem

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

sewing at the speed of light

boy did i get my sew on today ! trying to finish up hubble oh my all those hst to square  up and then to match them all up in the top should get all the borders and borders on the owl quilt
have some baking to do for the town bake sale on sat. for the halloween carnival

Monday, October 22, 2012

colordrive and hst finish

the cutest little doll i bought on the color drive ( to se all the fall trees color through pike and calhoun county i took sat off )trust me it was a steal ive made one before

the last hst to square up and tomarrow ill begin to sew hubble together

circles around finish and on the bed it weighs a ton love the backand the front  im glad i did a little quilting on it kandi has already picked her spot

martini monday nothing like a dirty martini ahh!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

remember whooo loves you progress

here is the center  9 patch blocks it has two outer borders and a cute owl applique on a branchof to one side i did miscount the 9 patches and had to cut 9 moremy bad reading skillsi knew it was going together much to easy

and here is my little princess as you can tell she loves to be photographed  lol

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

wiped three off my wip list today

did you ever look  at a pattern and think to yourself i can make this easier or faster if i change make it bigger or smaller well that was the case with the going in circles i made it bigger circles and used a different method to add the prints i think it took twice as long oh and i decided i would quilt inside each one but without further boring you here it is its raining so i couldnt take it outside to photograph
i also made a small table topper using the pattern instructions went together fast
i have extra left over and i think a pillow or two using the instructed method

here is a pic of my cat already on the quilt
it is twice this size i just used a 2 in border

this is how i sewed the border on since it thundered loud with a pup on my lap
started sewing hst for hubble already had it cut out and the owl quilt for eloise

Thursday, October 11, 2012

no finish today

so i decided i didnt want to bind over my (sutp )quilt so im going with a 2 in. white border and a turqouis binding the binding i am also going to se as a border on the owl quit and a brown outer not tho miss eloise has decided to love giraffes again she will prob hate owls when i get done

had a doct. app. yesterday no sewing

although i did get some fabrics at walmart i know you cant believe i buy fabric at walmart but they had what i wanted and its fast and cheaper i needed some fall colors greens golds yellows and some brown for a pumpkin pattern i got i am going to have somethings done hopefully by tomarrow have a long weekend ahead of me this is the weekend for the old settlers days in my town people come for miles to see the same thing year after year go figure and my resteraunt is ike the parking lot for it im gettin to old to work like that gonna make some pasta salad and salsa chicken i think

see ya later have a great!


Friday, October 5, 2012

any opinion please! help

here is the completed top well almost
i cant decide on a border or not i have all these extra blocks  (see below ) each strip tube made 6 blocks i used 4 to make the large block  18 in. the top so far is 7 by 6 and i need controlled scrappy i guess
 i have to use 3 jelly rolls and i have leftover strips too ill make a 2 in white border from leftover jelly roll and save the print but i cant decide if i want to use the other blocks later or sew them together for an outer border whatch think ?

this is the reason i havent been quilting i >>> neeeed!!!to finish this i have one more border to quilt and off to going in circkle id like to finish it by next weeki made this 2 yrs ago
this is my next quilt hubble im using salt air

and below is remember whoo love you quilt pattern this will be for miss eloise 
sorry the light is so bad

Thursday, October 4, 2012


i never tire of looking at this face
she started walking after we got home and is now a toddler where did the year go

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

shortie post before bed

month 13 bom i think i really like this one cant
 wait til the grand finish

two blocks of my summer in the park i think ill sew center blocks together tomarrow not sure about sashing? anyideas would be helpful i have leftover blocks but im not sure about enough to <<<<<<<<<go around
that outside always gives me a hard time

these are the strips for going in circles the pattern doesnt call for quilting but i think ill do a little stipple in the center since i changed the pattern anywaywhat the heck
well goodnight all have a great tomarrow!!!

what ive been doing and birthday photo

i have not forgot you just busy

the weekend of 9 -15 was my grandaughters 1st birthday we went to florida for the weekend ran a 5k turtle krawlhad a party flew home on that sunday doctor on monday for hubby tues back to work  unpacking picture printing facebook catching up work all weekend i work usually 9 10 hr days not much sewing goes on
bubba had to get a rabbies shot there went half a day takes all day to go shopping or anything because you have to get everything that day 4$a gal gas almost and we live at least 45 min from the nearest larger town  hopefully i can get in a couple finishes this week
finished the block 13 of bloggers bom
had to order another jelly roll of birds and berries for summer in the park my blocks are pretty coordinated and didnt want to have to get scrappy and it is going to be king
my circles around is almost ready to get quilted not sure how tho
going to  get new tires on the car tomarrow there goes another day have to get bathroom cabinets painted also soon

                                 this is my beautiful grandaughter eloise

im also trying to up my running  miles to an easy 5mile run under an hour and also have to get back to my heavy workouts soo that is a little about my daily life oh and i have 3 dogs 5 cats and a few chickens, house to keep clean and i think if i had about 3 more hrs a day i could get it all done