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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Cooking today

Here is my new recipe baked smoked salmon Rangoon and I don't mind saying that they are to die for dipping into a homade hot mustard YUM!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Quilty sewy

So here I go this is up next 
I've bee dying to quilt Something

I made this earlier this year from a couple charm packs from Walmart 
Hey free pattern cheap fabric I'm in

Done with a 2 in border

To here
They are all about the same size 
I call it snuggle couch size

And these are the gems I'm using for Enders and leaders 
It's going to be fall fab!
Talk later happy quilting

Oh and I think I'll be cooking  more stay tuned!,!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Quick baby quilt

So I have been torn give a quilt I have done ...... Or rummage thru my stuff and see what I can do in a couple hours 
Yes I only want to spend 2 hours stop shaking your head it can be done !

So I got this panel   Somewhere and they had a couple yards of this minky too cheep!

So this is where I begin I am going to turn it so I don't have to do binding Ah!

Before I sewed these together I had a aha moment what if I attached some batting 
To the back of the balloon so I cut a piece the size of the balloon and used stick glue 
Voila!  Trapunto then I thought it would need another piece of batting cut a bit smaller
Pin it and start in the middle the top is flannel so no stretchy but the back ayaya

This after I sewed around the balloon sections it's hard to see I know
But I swear it's really cool😁

Another view

I only did the balloon and moon
Oh I forgot to take a pic of the moon
This stuff is not easy to freemotion quilt it stretches and squirms but if you do something small and pin and hold you can do it
2 hours cut sewn and in the wash
I almost have my hunters star complete Yaa 
Talk later I'm on a roll
Lol. Diana

Still sewing along

When I started these I actually thought they would be a breeze 
Using my cutter and all but not properly preparing for how many pieces each one needed

Stack of these
To up on the wall

Coming to a.close

Bears paw not sure if I'm going to do them straight with sashing or on point

Still waiting that new addition

My new bud really enjoying being the only cat
Loving the fresh tomatoes for brekkies

Have a great weekend 
Talk later

Monday, August 10, 2015

Star crossed finally a finish

I would never have pursed this fabric if I had not seen it in this quilt
It's called shag and it's from the cotton and steel line

Its large 92 1/2 square the queen 
the pattern makes several sizes
And since I don't have a gazebo to hang it from this will have to do

The Bears paw next up

Hunters star and I plan a Dresden plate all as Xmas gifts I hope to finish by then 
I have used all fabrics from my collection (stash ) since in still unemployed
Still cleaning after flood and hoping the resteraunt will be able to open
Talk later

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Star crossed

So I'm still working on star crossed 1775 pieces give or take a couple if you are a fan of sew and flip pricing this quilt is for you.... I am not they never come out to be the right size that being said I loved this quilt bought fabric and committed myself for mom for Xmas 

Then this happened one is not like the other

And then I did this stupid ..

Lots of flip  
So I have a few left to rip out 
So I'm counting and I think every block had 49 pieces of fabric to start I'm determined tho hmm,
Meanwhile I'm still rocking started cleaning the resteraunt Thursday OMG it's unbelievable if you have never been thru a flood  stinking nasty hard work
Unfortunately we employ around 30 people and always the same handful of people and always the oldest realizing this is like the 12  or 13 time I have cleaned up after flooding it never gets easier
Any hoo
I made this the other day blackberry cheese Danish 
I'm not much on these things but I could have eaten the whole thing 
Comment if you would like the recipe
Image also been trying to see these together for my nieces and have to cut another for my sis 
And my oldest niece is pregnant they don't call my quilts babymaker for nothing 
In just this last year 3 people I have gifted quilts are pregnant lol!!

Since we are down to just one cat Barney by the way he thinks he's a dog anyway we have become very close ayyy
Well I think that's all have a great Sunday
Talk later Diana 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sea breeze a finish Ta Da

Well this is it finished and bound I was a little scared at first about those feathers but they were quite fun


Of course the back

I actually thought about stopping here because ... I was afraid of a little feather phew

I have a few babies on the way soo ( not mine ) so I'm sure some lucky baby will be drooling on it 
Have a few more things started 
I'll keep you in suspense  oh an yes I am still flooded out of work in Illinois we are going to start cleanup soon
Talk later 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Baby sea breeze

Sea breeze baby almost finished 

Thought about stopping here

But changed my mind

The back

Nuf said

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I got my fireworks quilt back from the quilter several months ago but I always put off binding

Stained glass is also a finish after ripping out what I already had quilted

Corner quilting on the big kahuna 

Well not much for words right now
Been a lot of this with all the rainy days had to take the one cat on the recliner to be put Down her cancer just got to bad and can't let her go on like she was
Came home today and the other grey cat was continually walking in a circle not sure why 
she's resting now
Water still up about belly button deep in my resteraunt hopefully we will be allowed to reopen after the water goes down I don't want to think about cleaning after another flood but it has to be done and have done around 11 times now
talk later