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Monday, July 29, 2013

capri daisies

this is capri daisies it is going to be a miss Eloise quit it has three big appliqued daisies and I am going to add a big E
somewhere on it the border for the sides I did not have enough so I have a piece coming hopefully today you have to cut it in the opposite direction so you have a zig zag not diamonds and im not sure but I didn't have enough and it has another large floral border
these are really the only pieced parts the rest I strips
I am hopeful I will have this as a finish this week and 2 baby quilts also
that's all today have a great one

Friday, July 26, 2013

finished yaaa!!!

painted ladies
a fig tree pattern adapted by me
pin wheel in 4 corners

all floral
 love this one

so many butterflies
naturally I have a few leftover blocks I think ill make a baby quilt out of
more on that later
the pattern is 6x5 and I made it 6x6 added the pinwheels in the corners and made the outer border an in wider so I didn't have to cut down the pinwheels

this is how I made the pinwheels 5 1/2 color and print sew all the way around and cut corner to corner press open resew and viola

the dogs green pool sorry you had to see that
I have been playing with my curve it up ruler have a plan and no pattern wish me luck
talk later thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

painted ladies update

all the rows are done and assembled soon to be pressed and photos

I bought the curve it up ruler and thought I would go out to try something no pattern of course don't know if I love it or not I might go with just the hanging beads

these are the blocks for capri daisies quilt for Eloise the really only piecing there is to then just sew strips and some applique

the sunset the other night was beautiful too
more on the ladies later its turning out great
talk later

Sunday, July 14, 2013

schedule of sorts

I really need to get organized so I am going to set up a schedule for myself

first off I want to get at least 2 blocks a month of the crewel world done I have 2 redone more on that later

this week I plan to finish up the butterfly blocks and add the border still toying with adding a outer pinwheel border or some kind of flower blocks


I want to get my fireworks celebration quilt cut out


and the baby quilt kit cut out


I need to get the binding on summer in the park and get it washed and on the bed

Saturday, July 13, 2013

my iron decision

this is the b/n/d I bought it got hot fast and stayed hot  I will keep it next to me as I sew about 17 dollars I think at kmart they had a quick and easy but it has auto off and I was looking for one without

I got this at big lots for about 45 $ got it out of the box and it has auto off it did say on the box but I was in a hurry and didn't see it or I picked up the wrong box  but I think I am gong to keep it for pressing in the basement where my big board is I love that point

sleeping pup

Friday, July 12, 2013

iron shopping

I have been looking for a new iron for several weeks now and have come to a conclusion they were not made by someone who sews small pieces together and need to press at will and sew again stupid auto shut off 8 min seriously ! I don't mind the 30 sec it you leave it on its face so I went in search of yesterday roweta makes one you can override with the steam button but it is over 150$ noway

I found one at big lots plugged it in this morning and read that it does have auto shut off I don't think it is the iron I was looking at
I bought a black n decker at kmart for around 20$ and it got hot fast and stayed hot no shut off so the rowenta that I bought at big lots is goin back when I got to the dentist tues.I was reading online that people were getting cheap ones at dollar store without shut off but the only one they had shut off to
here is some progress on the hubble I am quilting and a few butterfly bodies
I hope to finish it this week
this is the back
 swirl flower random sizes a few leaves thrown in
 I like it!

wing and body
bubba thought he needed a new friend
I thought it was sleeping cat
not a cat and not sleeping
<   a cat ...see the resemblance
<  not a cat ....
I have some more progress on the crewel world too and will post more about it in the next few days
talk later
have a great day !

Friday, July 5, 2013

bodies everywhere and a couple new projects

these are all the butterfly bodies this is what I am working on at the moment squaring them all up 4 per butterfly as I said
I am going completely floral with the wings
I needed some practice with the stitch and flip method and this is the perfect project the squares that you add to the corners are not so big and you can do it without marking although I did
this is the pattern if you missed it

started to quilt on my hubble
the fabric is cosmo cricket  salt air I believe  a am using spiral flower I call it I was afraid to get to exotic in the open spots in case I got into trouble I do not want to rip out I do have a small pleat right in the corner but I think it will not show after it is washed and dried

I have been wanting this curve it up ruler for some time
and now was that time she has started a quilt along and put it on sale last week I think and I snatched it up I have never seen it on sale got a couple patterns too
and I started this last year I saw it at my quilter on her wall I don't do applique well or not a tall but it wasn't to complicated so I thought I am on block 2 and 1 looks well ...awful I am in hopes to got to her sop today and let her show me she turned under the edges and machine appliqued it  and it is beautiful uses fat quarters solids and leftover for the pieced border ill keep you posted
well that's it I guess worked all day yesterday 10:30 to 9:30 and were very busy and I am wore out
so ill rest today I have tonight off
talk later thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

new day new project

I started a new quilt yesterday painted ladies I am going completely floral on it
it is by fig tree& co I downloaded the pattern it also has ins. for a table bed runner
these are the wing pieces
everything is ready but I have tp decode on the cornerstones should I go all one color or use the leftover fat quarters from the wings  any ideas?
all the bodies are done I might do extra of coarse and I think this would make an adorable baby girl quilt
here is my first block
it has 30 7" finished blocks and is 58 X 66 1/2 kind of an odd size I am thinking of adding to it

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

coastal lily finish yaaa!

well here it is all finished other than having to go find more background fabric completely from fabric I already had amazing I didn't think I could do it I'm not really a scrappy kind of quilter I like it to be uniform ( that coming from someone who apparently cant see straight to cut straight )but anyhoo... some of the stems are a little over nourished and in all that switching around last night guess I was tired or ripping I ended up with two of the exact same flowers almost on top of each other but you cant see it up close  ...can you?

but you know what I love it its!!! it's colorful and different

I don't have any quilts like this at all
so here it is
 I did not applique the berries I did put fusible on the back before I cut them and will quilt them down in the end
Thelma cupcakes and daisies machine app.hers
and pink pincushion is going with yoyos I thought about that to
you should check them both out

kandi already claimed it here and

and here

 I was trying to decide last night I didn't have much of the border fabric left at all when I cut out for it and binding so I decided to add it to the sides it looked like it was missing something to me anyway so mine is abt. 80 X 86 now

I think i forgot to post this one I cut it out maybe 2 yrs ago and never put it together life or another project must have got in the way while I was taking pictures and the floor was dog hair free (that doesn't happen often ) 
it is a turning 20 pattern it uses obviously 20 fat quarters and some yardage for the sashing and you have very little leftover almost none
sorry, she's just so dang cute!

 this bundle was called tutti frutti I think you can still get it if you look around the pattern used happy harvest bundle but it was a little $$$ for me .

finished block is 16 x16 and it is75 X 92
 I am thinking about quilting this one myself also undecided
I was going to hand it behind the bed but it is huge  most of these I saw are pastel but what do you do with a huge pastel quilt my is so different than others I saw
well that's it for today thanks for stopping have a great week