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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

coastal lily finish yaaa!

well here it is all finished other than having to go find more background fabric completely from fabric I already had amazing I didn't think I could do it I'm not really a scrappy kind of quilter I like it to be uniform ( that coming from someone who apparently cant see straight to cut straight )but anyhoo... some of the stems are a little over nourished and in all that switching around last night guess I was tired or ripping I ended up with two of the exact same flowers almost on top of each other but you cant see it up close  ...can you?

but you know what I love it its!!! it's colorful and different

I don't have any quilts like this at all
so here it is
 I did not applique the berries I did put fusible on the back before I cut them and will quilt them down in the end
Thelma cupcakes and daisies machine app.hers
and pink pincushion is going with yoyos I thought about that to
you should check them both out

kandi already claimed it here and

and here

 I was trying to decide last night I didn't have much of the border fabric left at all when I cut out for it and binding so I decided to add it to the sides it looked like it was missing something to me anyway so mine is abt. 80 X 86 now

I think i forgot to post this one I cut it out maybe 2 yrs ago and never put it together life or another project must have got in the way while I was taking pictures and the floor was dog hair free (that doesn't happen often ) 
it is a turning 20 pattern it uses obviously 20 fat quarters and some yardage for the sashing and you have very little leftover almost none
sorry, she's just so dang cute!

 this bundle was called tutti frutti I think you can still get it if you look around the pattern used happy harvest bundle but it was a little $$$ for me .

finished block is 16 x16 and it is75 X 92
 I am thinking about quilting this one myself also undecided
I was going to hand it behind the bed but it is huge  most of these I saw are pastel but what do you do with a huge pastel quilt my is so different than others I saw
well that's it for today thanks for stopping have a great week