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Monday, June 17, 2013

coastal lily update

a few of the geese units squared up  I have some strips leftover from civil war reunion that I think will work out
180 units is what I think it calls for crazy!
oh well i'''m on my way

I think this will be my fav. when its done
 although I like this one too

and this one
I did end up recutting a few more stem units like I said it makes me crazy
and I got out my hubble and started the ditch quilting not sure how i'm going to quilt it yet
and bubba is so tired from....................well i'm not sure but he is

I also am having a bobbin problem it has been making a lot of noise in my janome 7700 i'm going to have to address this
and we are cleaning up again from the flood and hoping to reopen
no job no new fabric bad word insert here
have a great day !