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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

progress coastal lily

I'm back to work hopefully nothing will go wrong their have  been rumors as much as I love not working I love working   I like to talk to people and hear what they have to say we have a lot of loyal customers and heard all the horror stories about them trying to get a fish sd. other places we do have great fish !

I have been on  the fence about this flower above like hate it leave it in or take it out

I'm still not sure

on the other hand I love this one below

I wish I had made a few more scrappy


 I like this one to

you think  I have all those geese sewn together  nope  just those  2 sets
 I had a few extra geese that did not square up proper so I cut them down and this was a little piece of cuteness like I said I always try to make extra so I can play with the quilting
 180 geese units shew ! im glad those are done

 one very tired dog

that's it for today