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Friday, August 31, 2012

bom and book haul

here is my lates bloggers bom kind of makes me crosseyed tho i think i shot it sideways anyway thats it

last month i got a facebook message from eleanor burns no we are not personel freinds but you know what i mean if you facebook
all her books that were at to quilt show had got damaged slightly and they were selling them 50% off might still be some left ? anyway i jumped here is my haul>>>>>>>>>>

i have been training to run an 8k so when i do the 5k next month in florida sea turtle crawl my hope is that i can do it faster than last years music fest and also trying to keep up with my weight training and sewing OH!! and i need to clean house sometime to oh well see ya later have a great day  it seams the rain has set in today

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

stitchers garden off to the quilters

last year i started a block of the month called stitchers garden since i have 2 janome sewing machines  it seemed a good project it was supposed to get you used to all the different feet and what they can use the blocks were quilted and you appliqued the blocks with the foot used then each one had at least one frame around you finished all and sewed together then it says to ditch quilt between each frame and sashing  their are 4 borders anyway you get it im sure I DONT THINK THERE IS ANY WAY OF JAMMING THIS THING IN MY MACHINE AND QUILTING IT AND ENJOYING THE PROCESS! NOT ONE BIT

soooo i called a couple olf longarm quilters and they tell me this is custome work and is very tinme con suming the first one i talked to said  are you sitting down i hope  360 .00  dollars ARE YOU KIDDING ME so after several more calls i found one that has done this quilt and a little more resonable

the backing i got in padukah at the quilt show 9.99 a yd for extra wide what a dealand the batting im going to try the recycled dream green she said it quilts great

Monday, August 13, 2012


first two blocks of bounce large and small star
independence trail is the fabric i think im going to love it
these are the tan fabric lighting is bad

Thursday, August 9, 2012

this is what im doing today because its my birthday my husbands is at work and im actually off all day yaa!!!

the lighting is bad but its independence trail by minick and simpson i got it at green fairy quilts

she justdid a great freemotion video if anybody likes go check it out she is amazing

this pattern uses layer cakes and some yardage for background i am super excited i have 2 more layer cakes and a jelly roll if this goes together as quick  i think i might make another for my king ill have to add on another border and maybe another row of stars not sure yet so ill be in my lab as my husband calls it if anybody is looking

have a great day!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

these are my finished bloggers blocks i think im cought up now with them 

this is my summer celebration  quilt donation they will raffle off next week have been selling tickets to help pay for fireworks.
the town i work in is usually havig a flood or getting over one so they moved the celebration to august permanent
i cant remember what magazine i got it from but i used my curvemaster foot i bought at last yrs quilt show worked good after i got the hang of it the blocks were made big and cut and squared to size had a few extra that was a good idea and some of the blocks dont match exact but the beauty is those stars i appliquied on they can cover a mistake or two  
now to begin my bounce quilt for next year well we'll see if i can part with it when im done 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012 this is who inspires me and the green fairy the quilt was pieced by her and a pic of the bounce quilt can be found here and many more check her outi got my jelly rolls yesterday for summer in the park tut. over at missouri qco
i just realized i have to go get my liscence renewed tomarrow it expires thur on b-day naturally i did my shopping yesterday so i could sew the next 2 days i have to work 10.30 to 8 today only get done dishes and workout today maybe a little facebook with coffee been crazy with allergies anyone have a remedy please tell now the corn is being cut so runny nose doesnt stop
see ya diana

Monday, August 6, 2012

new starts

and this is the after

i am going to finish up my bloggers bom aand post those pics
also going to start my bounc using independence trail the pattern is a rosies quilt co
and i have 2 jelly rolls to start summer in the park

this is the before used barstool