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Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday finish

So this is called point me I used some leftover Avalon for it and the background Is mods bleached white the pattern called for 2 1/2 in triangles I used 4 1/2  and just altered the setting triangles easy Peary
It is 88 inches  wide and the length of our king 
And Kandi can't wait to get on it
As you can see here

This is a stack flueroligycharms with krona snow rollup is going to be falling charms from missouristarquiltcompany tut I am going to make 1 more pack soon as it comes 4 charm packs and 2 roll ups
 And this is getting cut up now I'm going to use black for the background 
Must be nap time here to we will talk later
                                                                                                  Have a great weekend

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Years

still not much going on severe pain in my leg ongoing and slight depression I feel hopefully my trip to the doctor tomarrow will prevail
I have started a new project 
And hubs and I are really cracking down on our eating
Point me I'm using leftover Avalon fab
This will be Eloise birthday #4 quilt
Got back my Tennessee  waltz last week from the quilter
More later
A quick quilt I'm looking forward to

Something that's been on my bucket list got it from Amazon and already used it for several christmas projects on my silhouettes Pinterest board if you have interest in that 
Slow cooker Italian beef over cauliflower purée mmm boiled it with 3garlic cloves and process with thyme ,s&p, garlic, 2tbs light sour ,cream, 2 tbs butter
Also I got a new phone I'm working on posting photos with it it was easier with iPhone but I'll figure it out might have to start a new blog  my husband hates me using his acct anyway
Well thats about it today 
Talk later

Monday, December 22, 2014

Still here sorry

Sorry I've been gone I have had a lot going on
I got rid of my iPhone finally but it was easier to post and I have not had time to take photos and post them 
Holiday suck for me and this year was no different 
I have a beautiful 3year old granddaughter sent her a Mercedes and her mother refused to let her have it
Now I'll tell you we are going to Florida for Xmas and that was santos gift sent to her house
They took it back and threw a fit
Yes we are still going! 
But I have enoug trouble with my mood without this
Doc doubled my med and still not good we will hope after the holidays and begin to craft again will come out of it
Please bear with me
Talk later I promise

Monday, November 24, 2014

Holidays eww!

So I have had a lot going on lately the last couple months were a killer at work always are but I am not as young as I used to be 
Yes yes it is true but I got a new toy it's been on my bucket list
A silhouette cameo ( cheers )
But as usual a week after I got it from Amazon if you wondered  they came out with a new one but I am happy oh so happy with mine I have not used the sketching pens yet
But I have cut fabric for some pillows 
if you've never heard of it please go to Pinterest it can draw and cut uses files from the site for free or less than a dollar no cartridges to buy like the cricket and who hoo the things it can cut and draw  I have a few projects on my Pinterest board and there are a lot more
 I'll share here hopefully soon
 Painting and recovering this old chair

Going to be white with a turquoise chevron pattern 

Freckled whimsy did a tut over at the sis six blog about these positive negative pillows using the deer head die I loved it so I'm doing some for my niece 
I am going to start a new Pinterest board of just my projects soon I hope you'll look me up
It's going to be another busy month and the father of my neises husband passed sat so that takes 3 coworkers out after they just got back from vacation so I'm pooped and back to the grind tomarrow
Talk later

Thursday, October 30, 2014

dissapearing rings

well here it is my version of metro rings using the ccr ruler by sew kind of wonderful I  really did not plan this one I just used some fabric I had laying around to get the hang of this pattern and then ran out of fabric so this is what I came up with of course my husband doesn't understand the whole improvising and modern quilt movement
so without further ado

he says it looks like its not finished but I love it
got the binding on this also I finished it last year and he had to point out a couple seams didn't match he is so helpful
and my beautiful niece got married on Friday so happy for her

like a sweet Amish couple

 talk later

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

dissapearing rings a finish

ta da

this is just a peek until I get the binding on and wash all the marks out there are quite a few I need to use disappearing ink

I think it will be quite nice made and quilted by

lets see what else  oh I got the repairman here on Monday and yesterday was my first real workout on my stairs although I did miss that banding  lol not ! it was great !

not much else my niece is getting married on Friday evening outside hoping the weather holds out should be beautiful
and of course its the weekend so I will be working  did I mention she is marrying the other Diane that I work with he is her son the other girl I work with is his sister and in the wedding so not much left for the restaurant
talk later
have a great rest of your week