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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sea breeze a finish Ta Da

Well this is it finished and bound I was a little scared at first about those feathers but they were quite fun


Of course the back

I actually thought about stopping here because ... I was afraid of a little feather phew

I have a few babies on the way soo ( not mine ) so I'm sure some lucky baby will be drooling on it 
Have a few more things started 
I'll keep you in suspense  oh an yes I am still flooded out of work in Illinois we are going to start cleanup soon
Talk later 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Baby sea breeze

Sea breeze baby almost finished 

Thought about stopping here

But changed my mind

The back

Nuf said

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I got my fireworks quilt back from the quilter several months ago but I always put off binding

Stained glass is also a finish after ripping out what I already had quilted

Corner quilting on the big kahuna 

Well not much for words right now
Been a lot of this with all the rainy days had to take the one cat on the recliner to be put Down her cancer just got to bad and can't let her go on like she was
Came home today and the other grey cat was continually walking in a circle not sure why 
she's resting now
Water still up about belly button deep in my resteraunt hopefully we will be allowed to reopen after the water goes down I don't want to think about cleaning after another flood but it has to be done and have done around 11 times now
talk later

Outa work and forced to make binding

 Stained glass I started this quilt about......5 -6 yrs ago its a turning 20 pattern I used a fat quarter bundle of tutti fruition I don't think it's available now I started quilting in each color section and hated it 
Threw it in the corner then in the closet then this year I decided to rip it out and start over

So here it is stained glass straight line quilted and I just put my foot down not straight not perfectly apart but I like it

I don't love it

The big kahuna done

I'm not thrilled with this quilt but I just went for it

I'm going to have to look up the pattern I did not quilt it but I did make it
Also still getting a lot of rain
That's it
Talk later 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Metro hoops finished

Here is my metro hoops finished soon as I get the rest of my fabric from the green fairy 
Pretty happy with it I think I am going to give a try at quilting it myself but its huge 

My next quilting project a new baby quilt

This was the river report unfortunately it went to 34 feet so I am unemployed again due to massive river flooding the resteraunt I work at have worked at for 25 years has water abt ankle deep ;(...

Talk later 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Happy June

These are the busiest months at work for me schools out ball games in general late eaters and we close at 8 not to mention I/we work the whole day and really want to go home anyhow!

4rows together 
New tube pillows 
You have no idea how long it took to find more flouroligy fabric

We have torn off the front deck ( 6 weeks ago ) and waiting for a estimate and order windows 
Meanwhile my sugar cat now having trouble eating :( hoping she is just not hungry 
Talk later

Friday, May 22, 2015

Quilting and cooking

Good morning my crafty friends 
I am going to start with cooking for today 
Last week I Mage spaghetti and zoodles with bacon wrapped mushrooms 
This is what they looked like after I stuffed them with garlic and herb cream cheese and wrapped in bacon cooked at 375 for about 30 minutes or til bacon is cooked to your like I like mine crispy

This is them after looking good!!!!
And they sure we're
Ok on to quilting 

Few blocks set up for my metro hoops

My new iron I got at the quilt show my new love don't ask how mush it was

I'm not sure if I ever showed you my new old ladders I had to find something to hang these quilts on 

Well that's it Bubba is whining for his biscuit so I'll talk later have a great holiday 
I'll be working as usual