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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

under cover

from this to this
it is 54x76
49 blocks 6"blocks
24 fence rail 21 nine patch and 4 solid
i have had this fabric and pattern put back since 2009 i didnt remeber what i picked for where did not have enough snowflake fabric for behind the heads so i made it all my own im happy with it and it took less than a week  
it is supposed to be nostalgic noel fabric by pearl louise krush
didnt take long at all after the 9 patches were sewn.  i ironed the applique pieces after work this weekend  my husband worked and was in bed early i try do get some quiet work done i cant quilt the machine wakes him uptheir mouths have to be stitched then sew down heads then ill finish im hoping to get my stithers garden back this week she said no later than the 15/th
also i bought 2 new craftsy classes heres the link click on workshop at the top and she has a link for 50% off 2 seperate classes14.99 what a deal!woohoo !