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Friday, November 16, 2012

nothing new boo hoo

i was hoping to show my newly quilted stitchers garden she had told me no later than the 15th of nov but and thats how i roll when i called on wed. the first thing she said is oh diana im trying so i knew it wasnt done but thats ok i had already planned on going to quincy so i went anywayshe said next weeki have my eye on the new janome 8900 i have the 7700 and 6600thought i might trade the 77 for it the accufeed foot drags a little on thicker and where seams meet and that is part of the design to go over those things im taking it up on monday to have the repairman look at it i had one but i dint think he really knows anything except cleaning because it never changed after he looked at ithave to work all weekend its deer season here out of state boys everywhere hopefully a big tip weekendi guess thats all i have to say today have a good day