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Thursday, November 1, 2012

short summer quilt

i have been looking at the leftover blocks  i had from (sitp) quilt trying to decide what to do i have several strips left and white jelly roll and it was so fast i thought i would start sewing and really do it scrappy i seem to have a problem with scrappyi just cant do it im afraid it wont look right so here i go like i dont have other things to sew!

see those two hst right in the middle the orange and the yellow together i cant stand it i have to rip it out the whole row! why its just for me i am going to practice quilting on it its 62 square 
here it is i probably could have finished it in 2 hrs but i found another block wrong it really is and easy forgiving patterni cut the jelly rolls and sewed end to end and used white jelly roll for borders
all leftover i bought 3 jelly rolls because i didn want the big one scrappy i needed some similarity in the blocks
enough for 4 pillows i really had leftover if you scroll down you will see the difference in the two quilts

this is what the mailman brought new thread im going to use the clear for stitching in the ditch and 
the rose color is for the lettering on the owl quilt
but im not sure its thick enough i bought some silk and trilobal poly superior off there site not as fast as red rock thread one day longer
well thats about it for me today some ironing of fat quarters maybe before bed
see ya diana