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Sunday, November 4, 2012


i just ordered the quilting negative space by angela walters on crafsy if you have ever taken and online class you will enjoy these they are very helpful this is the 4th class and they have a free blocks that you can get they have online to i just learned how to stitch in the ditch with clear thread and let me tell you after adjusting the tension its great you dont have to worry about matching thread i am doing it freemotion to you cant see if you have a small boo boo and get out of the ditch a bit i cant sew straight to save my life but actually freemotion i am getting better they also suggest sewing every seam and then quilt i have a bunch if orphan blocks lying around so im practicing on them i can use them for table toppers etc im  having a ball also appliqued the little owl and freemotion embroidered the saying on it much faster than by hand

i also got a couple new patterns and thinking of getting the snowman blocks back out and starting on them again ive had them for yrs the are appliquie one for each month i might enjoy them now the link is supposed to be down here oh well ill never figure out blogger you get it
pics to come also i saw the moda bake shop has a cute charm pack scarf tut  you must check it out waould make nice x-mas gifts for bosses teachers inlaws etc.have a great day today is my long run day 4 mi. i think ill head for the treadmill not the most enjoyable place but this is my 10 hr work day  too so ill be tired before i go this time change alwasy makes a long day also and its cold!
have a great day!