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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

clean floor and workout complete

im not sure if anyone reading these posts does any type of exercise heck im not sure enyone reads these posts!!but if you are and do i thought i would post it today
i was a little hard on myself today since i only 2 rds of arms yesterday so i ran 1 mile as fast as comfortably possible 11 min
then did 3 rds of a 10 and 50 sec hiit 6 excersises
and 3 rds of 10 and 50 sec abs exercises by the second rd i wanted to quilt and the second rd of abs my stomach was screaming but i finished and feel great it all took 50 min.
having salsa chicken w/brown rice for lunch i love it made it and took it to work and they scraped the crockpot out clean .if anyone wants recipe or routine
 just leave a comment
 thanks have a great day diana