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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

not much to share

hi  hope everyone hada  great thanksgiving! went to my moms as usual my husband was actually off this year to go picked up my quilt pics to come got up early drove over an hour in the fog got to town half way through to store and realized i had left the other quilt to be qiuilted at home can you believe it !!! bad words insert here(   )did a little shopping it takes so long for me to get to a town with  a mall or anything i have so much i want to do hobby lobby etc it takes all day then an hour or more drive back home so yesterday i went the other way to town got some cute pillows at taget went to office depotwtook my little angel to petco she loves to shop to i never got to walmart guess thats next week so i got no sewing done i started sewing on the owl quilt using a new cone of sew fine and the thread kept shredding so frustrating if you ever have this happen changed needles cone position everything finally changed thread and had to go over everything because the thread is shiny UGGGtry again tomarrow
well off to get my workout in doin 5rd m100s geuss that makes it m 50s see ya