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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

can you say boring!!!!!

well I will post some pics of what I am working on but you will yawn as I am it is indeed boring
since I told my quilter to put me back on her list I figure I should get to work on the other dwr but I knew I wasn't going to have enough but I don't need a whole fat qrtr bundle so I found a desert roll online hope it will be enough to finish I have about 125 arcs finished
if you ever do one of these the source I had said to press open all seams I hate that but I did not do it on part of the other and regret not so I am all of this one but I think I will do the whole arc and then press open DO NOT DO THIS WAY you will in fact burn your fingers many times and I think
now stay with me ... that it takes longer just sayin as you sew the pairs together because this uses 6 pieces before adding the outer square you will have 3 sets press them all as you go then all you have to do is sew them together and done

getting ready for another round I like this in the smaller logs but geeze!!!!  does it take forever I want 2 more rds all around that should make it around 11 -11 1/2
square I am on 5 with the cream
tried to make snowballs for the faces not to bad 
I have to do their hats too

almost done with sleeping snowmen my thread came in 3 days superior thread your great
I might leave the brown strips alone not sure yet I got brown thread in case I don't
oh and remember these

well I did drop the ball here I am working on them and hope to finish this week  but now I am behind on the 2 for oct
they are cut out I have to turn under before I glue them to the background square they really don't take long but I still have to applique to the backgrounds after they are all done that is time consuming
well thanks for stopping by have a great week
talk later leave a comment if you have any questions