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Thursday, October 24, 2013

harvest moon barn raising

I have added the pumpkins I put fusible on the fabric and cut out I will (try ) to use invisible thread and machine  applique them on but I just don't have good luck with the tension the thread always breaks but you  don't know because.....its invisible
I have the border fabric ordered should be here fast I am going to stay with the same fabric line I love Kansas troubles

I cant wait to get it off to the quilter she has a lg oak leaf I want her to do the whole quilt in

well about my life I couldn't work today (never on the weekend this happens)
anyway my husband had another kidney stone attack and was up all night I felt so bad for him he woke me up to take him to ER I told him that they just gave him pain med and sent him home and we ad some left so he took it and it let up we went to doc this morning and he has several again and has to do that sonic machine again next week
the dogs slept with him all night on the couch they can tell when we don't feel well
I did manage to get a couple things done bake sale this weekend ill take pics of what I made
I always make dog treats and I just did not have time the last sale I have them done
will post later
good night