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Friday, October 18, 2013

barn raising

well my log cabin quilt is almost done it will be in the barn raising setting when I decided to do another log cabin quilt this will be 4 I made one x-mas colors and 2 green and cream
anyway I really did not have a plan except that it would be in fall fabrics and have pumpkins in the light sections somewhere so I did not know how big it would need to be I figured 60 blocks would be plenty not counting that a barn raising setting looks better big and has to be square so here it is I still have to applique the pumpkins on and sew the blocks together oh and last night I realized after laying it out I also needed 4 more blocks so here's the dilemma do  I do 4 more ugh! or make it 7x7
well this morning decide I could whip out 4 more blocks and I did it really doesn't take long if you only need 4
I will probably put pumpkins in the center and random around it is around 80x80 I might put a border I have leftover of the cream leaves and I had to open the third honey bun to finish the last 4  so I might use them too

I have one side of my quilt as you go bag scrappy
the back side
I might do the whole other side in the little Halloween people I love them they are so cute
the whole panel it really did not take long and you done have to sew really close and I suppose you could make your stitches bigger if you wanted the large panel will be the bottom in the end
i wont probably take the time  to make a pocket since this is a seasonal bag and October is almost over
well that's it I have started cutting on swoon and I might cut out mine while im at it
 I have another busy weekend the color drive is this weekend non stop people after people
hungry and in a hurry so I wont get anything done fun
 I guess that's it for today
have a great weekend !