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Friday, October 25, 2013


cute huh
my husband made fun of it said it wont hold anything its not practical soo what its cute!
at the hospital because that's really the test of a great bag a building full of all kinds of women
I got told what a cute bag couple times and hubs told me not to pee from excitement reason being
if I ask him if he is excited about going shopping etc. with me he always tells  that it is so fun he pees a little just a joke of course (I hope) I really dont think he is excited at all he just always says that 

once again the fabric is riley blake  too cute to spook i just love those characters and a little from my stash

 this is my border fabric both harvest moon

I am doing a 3"inner and maybe a 6 outer
this has nothing to do sewing but don't you just love it
last week I went to target to pick up a few things and saw this coat and picked out gloves and a scarf
got to check out and decided I really didn't  need to spend the money on them and gave them up so I ran in real quick to get cat litter and a couple new workout bottoms and the coat was still there
did I mention they only had a small and lg last week so I took it as a sign that I had to have that coat and the scarf and gloves were still there to
so here it is
well I need to finish up my stuff for the bake sale tomarrow so I will talk later
 have a great weekend