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Sunday, October 13, 2013

small projects

I recently ordered this fabric before it sells out it is riley blake I don't know why I keep taking pics upside down oh well
too cute to spook I believe is the name of it and it is sooo cute
I ordered a new craftsy class when it went on sale to the quilt as you go bag that is what I plan on doing with this fabric I got a blackish grey chevron fabric for the bottom part I think it will be cute of course I wont be getting it done by this oct but it will get done
we have a lot going on this month our festival is in full scale I did get off at 2:30 yesterday so I got to look around bought some dry gourds for my lamps and my husband helps at the fireman's stand frying fishso we both came home early
my nieces decided they would come over and steal some of our giant pumpkins for their houses
here is my pile of log cabin blocks 2 more rounds of fall strips and I might be done with them and get to make the quilt
yes it to is a  fall project that wont be done
I am still working on this I decided to make little swirls on the gloves
and they looked good but when I looked at the back it was a tension
I have to rip all of it out have you ever ripped out free motion quilting  small free motion quilting
yuck thank god I looked before I went to the next one
all the applique has fusible on it I think that's the problem here 
I sewed together some strips quite awhile ago and cut them at a 60 degree angle  and was not sure what I  wanted to do they have to almost be a baby quilt for a boy because it looks like boy fabric
so I am doing a quilt as you go method more to come on that I have use the strips I cut and need to cut more of that
hope to get in a finish this week I will keep you posted
I saw this sticker on the back of a car the other day and thought it perfect for us
well that's it for today off to work again wont be leaving early ugh!
hopefully people are nice and generous
have a great!!! Sunday