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Saturday, January 4, 2014

something a little fun

a few days ago Thelma over at cupcakes and daisies posted a video of 25 block hst
so thinking about all those small hst I have leftover from the 2 swoons got me thinking so I emailed her about the print up and got to my design board and this as a few of what I have
these are so cute I think in the end they will be about 8 in thelmas were 15 I think
I think I can get 24 of the 25 from my pile and they are happy little blocks they make me happy anyway so cheery and bright in these dreary cold days
I am also working quilting on a couple table toppers and Eloise urban birthday curve it up quilt

these are half the blocks the others are opposite these it literally took probably a half an hour to sew press and square up I am boring you with this ruler i'm sure but it really is fun and gets you used to curves because next up Jessica's drunkards path
I also went to a new quilt shop about 65 miles away in Staunton il and picked up a few things on tues
some cute fabric for what now is a baby boy Carson
have a great weekend
talk later