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Thursday, January 2, 2014


if anybody has kept up with me lately they are aware that I traded in my janome 7700 for the 8900 i have been sewing with it for a few weeks now and love the bigger feet and it is so quiet i have to admit I have been a little afraid to freemotion quilt with for fear it would not stand up to the 7700 well I broke it in this week we were closed a couple days this week and it fell on the days I work so my husband has worked and I have had off all week

anyway I got out my painted ladies tabletopper and also if you follow you know I measure once and cut twice method produced 3 quilts topper /baby /and a larger one


topper done

im never sure what to do in those cornerstones
the back

no marking just freehand
here is the baby quilt I started yesterday all the sashing is done now I am going back to quilt the butterfly wings
so here is my 8900 review
it never skipped a stitch from the start I did a practice on a scrap and it was perfect started with a reliable thread robinson anton
switched to so fine on the baby quilt I am getting a little shred on the pebbeling but that's pretty norm for speed and going over
that's been my week and some cleaning out cabinets and pitching expired stuff but you probably don't want to hear about that
talk later have a great day