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Thursday, January 23, 2014

painted ladies finish and a little freemotion

little freemotion quilting on some extra blocks this is the fabric i used for my other niece dwr quilt i hsve it back from the quilter
sometime i need to sit down and bind these quilts 

i love the texture and i used a high loft batting

 i even like the back

pinwheel corners i did a feather in each white section and seed stitch on the colors
ill take a better picture after i get it bound 

freemotion stitch in the ditch and the back

and this is still what i look at at work everyday they thought the ferry would run by today but not a chance the barges have to chop at it all the way just a path maybe by valentines day

speaking of that i have a couple pillow projects in the works both of my girls have their own appts now and i thought a little pillow decor would be good so check back on that later 
i apperantly have used over out alotted bites for internet and this thing has slowed way down and i have to wait ill the end of the month and it will reset
well have a great day 
talk later