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Thursday, January 30, 2014

fast baby quilt

hello and happy thursday hope it is warmer wherever you are reading this from  than it is here

this was the beautiful sky this morning
anyway i bet you didnt come here to see scenery

bubba turns 5 he wanted cake for his birthday

when he did not get cake for his birthday he got cheeseburgers

i quilted this up in an hour last night you cant really see anything
 i did a swirly flower leaf 
minky on the back  i was a little afraid of it i have to admit i spray basted and pinned and it turned out fine 
i have a green flannel for the binding this will be baby carson quilt

 churndash  baby
my husband loves the old fashioned blocks and i love all the new fabric 

my husband has a cleaning lady at work and he says she works really hard and he would like to give her a baby quilt
 i did check he says it is not his baby!
and would like to give her my hst project i dont think so maybe to someone i know anyway i made this in 4 hrs total from the time i picked out the fabric ( Flirt )i had a fat 8th bundle i cut it all in 5 in squares the white is from leftover log cabin quiltbacking but i am unsure about the border i dont know what the gender and am afraid of making it to boyish
but i do love it
well thats it for today have some chores to get too
have a great weekend 
talk later