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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Off to the quilter

So these are off to be quilted the one on the top I am keeping
Maybe a special little girls
This I am going to call my modern drunk
I used up all the fabric and this is what I had I need to measure it
I am thinking I will quilt it up myself

I am posting from our iPad it has safari and that is what blogger likes this week lol
These were so fun I counted wrong and I had 2hst left I think
16 2 1/2 hst
Know I know why I got tired of squaring them up
You can get a PDF over at simplify website
Or watch it on youtube
We'll I'm off to start quilting my painted ladies quilt I rearranged my sewing room 
We'll see how it works
Talk later 
I hope 

My bubba !he will be 5 this month