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Sunday, August 4, 2013

schedule for this week

this week I plan to

Monday finish piecing the back and add the daisies to Eloise capri quilt and add the ruffle to the center more on that
this is it almost done
I added the borders one backward but that made it different and that's me
add the outer border to modern mylee baby quilt
I wasn't to hip on the colorsa fter I opened the charm pack I got 3 at a bargain last yr and thought it would be a cute girl quilt I have to say tho I like it!
just charms with 2 1/2 in squares sewn to opposite corners
 fast and simple
 in need to sandwich and baste capri daisies im thinking grey thread I bought some pre filled bobbins and new thread

I have the binding fabric for hubble cut and sewn on this week
2 more applique blocks for crewel world this week uh maybe (month)
I also added another 3 in border on the butterfly baby quilt I think it needed to be a bit larger pics later
 I also have a birthday later this week I have to work but im thinking hubs can bring home supper one night
I also need to cut out the parts for the fireworks donation quilt
well im off for another 9 hr day at work
Im getting to old to be on my feet that long but you gotta do what you gotta do!
 have a great sunday