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Thursday, August 1, 2013

a few finishes

I got a few things off my to do list this week my husband is on nights I always get a little extra sewing time when he is at work

hubble quilted

the back


see that triangle with the green bubbles that's what I got for the binding
bubbles>large swirl flowers allover
robinson anton natural white thread
I had a little shredding but kept going it is so frustrating
and the fabric is salt air by cosmo cricket

a leaf border and straight lines down the last border

waiting for the fabric for the binding
I really wanted to do something great in all that open space but chickened out in the end
baby quilt no one special just thought it would make a cut one  I might put another border on it

all those black eyed susans are outside our door and the bees are crazy I could hardly get a pic they swarm the hummingbird feeders to
so cute
2 little table toppers and yes I did love those butterflies had to stop making them or ill never get anything else done

well im off to work 9 hrs no time for sewing today so sad hope that the fabric comes today to finish Eloise quilt have to finish by sept 15
I have a couple projects started more to come
talk later