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Friday, August 9, 2013

hubble finish

love that scrunched up look I used quilters dream cotton batting robinson anton thread and I machine sewed the binding and I have to say im getting better I just need to slow down

flower design and leaves

just wanted to see how fluffy it was

just one more
 ok maybe 2
this was the last thing my washer washed today and it went crazy but I couldn't leave it alone when the door unlocked and I could get out my laundry happy
this morning I tried it again (laundry ocd ) it drained and spun like a champ the last 2 min it started beeping again and I could not shut it off to unlock it again now its holding my sheets captive and I cant get a date for repair until tomarrow NOWAY  BAD WORD HERE >
so did I mention today is my birthday im going to scrub the bathroom floor to get my mind off it and I made my fav cake
spice cake with caramel frosting my mommie always made it for me

burnt frosting

nice frosting needs more whipping
talk later
 am starting the quilting on capri daisies have some progress