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Thursday, August 29, 2013

milky way (fireworks) version

two posts in the same week I know hard to believe !! but I have to work the next 7
so these are the large stars from my fireworks quilt by fig tree the pattern is rather cryptic and if you have never done any stars like this ... I have not !there might be a little ripping involved  when the seams don't match up just sayin
I emailed them if there is a trick and got no reply 
anyhoo ill trudge on

I have 2 medium stars and 6 small stars to put together they are not that hard after you get a couple done not sure how much trouble ill have with the small ones
this is how far I have gotten with my log cabin blocks
well that's it for today and no I still have not got the binding on summer in the park but is is next to my machine and I have thread in it
talk later have a great holiday