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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

what ive been doing and birthday photo

i have not forgot you just busy

the weekend of 9 -15 was my grandaughters 1st birthday we went to florida for the weekend ran a 5k turtle krawlhad a party flew home on that sunday doctor on monday for hubby tues back to work  unpacking picture printing facebook catching up work all weekend i work usually 9 10 hr days not much sewing goes on
bubba had to get a rabbies shot there went half a day takes all day to go shopping or anything because you have to get everything that day 4$a gal gas almost and we live at least 45 min from the nearest larger town  hopefully i can get in a couple finishes this week
finished the block 13 of bloggers bom
had to order another jelly roll of birds and berries for summer in the park my blocks are pretty coordinated and didnt want to have to get scrappy and it is going to be king
my circles around is almost ready to get quilted not sure how tho
going to  get new tires on the car tomarrow there goes another day have to get bathroom cabinets painted also soon

                                 this is my beautiful grandaughter eloise

im also trying to up my running  miles to an easy 5mile run under an hour and also have to get back to my heavy workouts soo that is a little about my daily life oh and i have 3 dogs 5 cats and a few chickens, house to keep clean and i think if i had about 3 more hrs a day i could get it all done