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Thursday, October 11, 2012

no finish today

so i decided i didnt want to bind over my (sutp )quilt so im going with a 2 in. white border and a turqouis binding the binding i am also going to se as a border on the owl quit and a brown outer not tho miss eloise has decided to love giraffes again she will prob hate owls when i get done

had a doct. app. yesterday no sewing

although i did get some fabrics at walmart i know you cant believe i buy fabric at walmart but they had what i wanted and its fast and cheaper i needed some fall colors greens golds yellows and some brown for a pumpkin pattern i got i am going to have somethings done hopefully by tomarrow have a long weekend ahead of me this is the weekend for the old settlers days in my town people come for miles to see the same thing year after year go figure and my resteraunt is ike the parking lot for it im gettin to old to work like that gonna make some pasta salad and salsa chicken i think

see ya later have a great!