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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

wiped three off my wip list today

did you ever look  at a pattern and think to yourself i can make this easier or faster if i change make it bigger or smaller well that was the case with the going in circles i made it bigger circles and used a different method to add the prints i think it took twice as long oh and i decided i would quilt inside each one but without further boring you here it is its raining so i couldnt take it outside to photograph
i also made a small table topper using the pattern instructions went together fast
i have extra left over and i think a pillow or two using the instructed method

here is a pic of my cat already on the quilt
it is twice this size i just used a 2 in border

this is how i sewed the border on since it thundered loud with a pup on my lap
started sewing hst for hubble already had it cut out and the owl quilt for eloise