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Friday, October 5, 2012

any opinion please! help

here is the completed top well almost
i cant decide on a border or not i have all these extra blocks  (see below ) each strip tube made 6 blocks i used 4 to make the large block  18 in. the top so far is 7 by 6 and i need controlled scrappy i guess
 i have to use 3 jelly rolls and i have leftover strips too ill make a 2 in white border from leftover jelly roll and save the print but i cant decide if i want to use the other blocks later or sew them together for an outer border whatch think ?

this is the reason i havent been quilting i >>> neeeed!!!to finish this i have one more border to quilt and off to going in circkle id like to finish it by next weeki made this 2 yrs ago
this is my next quilt hubble im using salt air

and below is remember whoo love you quilt pattern this will be for miss eloise 
sorry the light is so bad