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Friday, July 12, 2013

iron shopping

I have been looking for a new iron for several weeks now and have come to a conclusion they were not made by someone who sews small pieces together and need to press at will and sew again stupid auto shut off 8 min seriously ! I don't mind the 30 sec it you leave it on its face so I went in search of yesterday roweta makes one you can override with the steam button but it is over 150$ noway

I found one at big lots plugged it in this morning and read that it does have auto shut off I don't think it is the iron I was looking at
I bought a black n decker at kmart for around 20$ and it got hot fast and stayed hot no shut off so the rowenta that I bought at big lots is goin back when I got to the dentist tues.I was reading online that people were getting cheap ones at dollar store without shut off but the only one they had shut off to
here is some progress on the hubble I am quilting and a few butterfly bodies
I hope to finish it this week
this is the back
 swirl flower random sizes a few leaves thrown in
 I like it!

wing and body
bubba thought he needed a new friend
I thought it was sleeping cat
not a cat and not sleeping
<   a cat ...see the resemblance
<  not a cat ....
I have some more progress on the crewel world too and will post more about it in the next few days
talk later
have a great day !