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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

miss eloise quilt finished and brittle

i finished the label and sewed it on at work on sunday and snipped all those loose threads fixed a loose seam i foundand its ready to ship to florida today
i love the backing ins zoology i had  a hard time getting it everyone was out and i love it ists not
 direction and very busy for my not professional quilting skills thats a plus !
her name is so long i had to make another label i ran out of room

i did a design in the center and stipple around itan open leaf with a loop in each of the 9 patch blocks continued the swirl in the second border you cant see a swirls in thefirts white and did the leaf again in the outerim alwasy afraid the blueor whatever i mark with will not wash out after all that that would be awful to have permanant blue in those all whit blocks and i use 2 shout color catchers in the laundry when i use precuts i dont wash them before

i have to tell you about this brittle its got saltine crackers as the base cooked caramel topping bake it 8 min spread butterscotch chips on top then toasted almonds and is to die for !!crazy i know but as you can see th th left bubba thought it was a plate for him it will be on the cookie table today cant leave this at home i had to make more chex mix to i add extra butter and they love it
later!have a great day