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Monday, December 3, 2012

5 today

hard to believe it my little baby is 5 today on valentines day my husband drove me 3 hrs one way to pick this little bundle he was against it but i had had a hard time after haveing to put down my 11 yr corgy thought i would not want another house dog but i decided i needed another love we picked her up drove half way home and she began to cough terrible by the time i got her home and to the vet first thing i had gotten a pup with a bad case of kennel cough she was so tiny we really thought she was not going to live we held her and layed in bed with her i cant believe someone would let this get so bad they must have given her something to keep her quiet and it wore off later i was furious but already in love!and so was my husband now he takes her everywhere possible  and she is so spoiled her big brother bubba looks after also i cant imagine my life without a dog in it they are such comedians oh and my 5 cats well thats it for today getting some binding on i hope today
have a great one !