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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

buns and not much else

not much sewing or any fun stuff goin onwe make cookies and candy at work for the customers for 2 weeks and that kinda burns me out making for family
this is what i took to my work x-mas party last night i also made jambalaya and homemade sea salt caramels they melt in your mouth
it also snowed a little yesterday if you look close at the pic below
 my husband is working night so and im afraid to do any freemotion in the next room it does make a lot of noise going that fast i dont want to wake him

we are going out of town next week bought a new dress and its tiny and very thin so a little less food and a little harder workouts and extra runs this week my plan is to wear it the first night to dinner and not alot of getting up and down so as to not draw alot of attention to myself did i mention how thin it is and red ! im sure noone will notice just keep telling myself ILL NEVER SEE THESE PEOPLE AGAIN
 i still have to tell my mother we wont be there i think im done tho with shopping  i have to take my summer in the park quilt to be quilted this week i hope!