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Sunday, December 30, 2012

christmas vacation

i have been gone physically and mentally i guess i have burn out i think from all activity and my husband decided we would go away for christmas something i have never in 47 yrs done i always go to my momms for christmas so im going to bore you with some pics ok?
lots of star fish all around this area all colors and sizes i wnet down and collected a few for a cameo later before we left
christmas lights
my husband on christmas day snorkel
this was the secrets wild orchid preferred side in montego bay only a few min.from the airport since we only had 5 days usually we to stay in negril when we go to jamaicabut it takes over an hour to get their and obviously everyone goes to jamaica on christmas i hav never seen so many people in immigration ever they said its always like that on christmas eve
the front entrance
on the beach

 a pair o peacocks came around at breakfast
well thats it for today i have today off he had to work maybe get in some sewin
have a great ond