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Monday, September 3, 2012

i found a free pattern by kate spain if anyone is starting x-mas projects called flurry t uses the flurry line and is a free pattern very cute packages im thinking about using layer cake and just making it shorter noy much to do 10 hr workk day last 2 days and i have 2 more to go im getting to old to be on my feet that  long ( waitress)  and it gets harder to be nice that long when some are not nice to me
some people are just tooo rude and although i love the people i work with sometimes i just need to stay home and sew my dogs are home alot this week and i feel bad we have not been as busy with all the rain normally a big harley weekend 
welll this is my 4 mile run according to hal and i must be off not sure if ill make it today might have to try again on wed trying to stay with the plan tho
here is the link to the pattern below
have a great day ill be thinking of what im going to sew when i get off and its martini monday hope to be off early