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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

finishes and starts

does anyone know how to upload pics faster to their blog some trick that i missed out on it takes forever and i have to do one at a time or its longer

anyway i finished my bounceWOOHOO!!!doesnt look to bad i actually made it tospecks and the borders were the right length and everything usually i have to fudge something always pics later
i also decided i would paint the bathroom at work it is so ugly green with WALLPAPER border around the middle i used dif spray gel one of those scoring tools  and a little patients which i dont have and it came right offi am using kilz2 on everything and then paint before we leave for florida this weekend my little grandaughter is turning 1 pics later we are also doing a 5k turtle crawl on sat.
well thats all for now im still sewing strips together and circles for my circles around quilt