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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Star crossed

So I'm still working on star crossed 1775 pieces give or take a couple if you are a fan of sew and flip pricing this quilt is for you.... I am not they never come out to be the right size that being said I loved this quilt bought fabric and committed myself for mom for Xmas 

Then this happened one is not like the other

And then I did this stupid ..

Lots of flip  
So I have a few left to rip out 
So I'm counting and I think every block had 49 pieces of fabric to start I'm determined tho hmm,
Meanwhile I'm still rocking started cleaning the resteraunt Thursday OMG it's unbelievable if you have never been thru a flood  stinking nasty hard work
Unfortunately we employ around 30 people and always the same handful of people and always the oldest realizing this is like the 12  or 13 time I have cleaned up after flooding it never gets easier
Any hoo
I made this the other day blackberry cheese Danish 
I'm not much on these things but I could have eaten the whole thing 
Comment if you would like the recipe
Image also been trying to see these together for my nieces and have to cut another for my sis 
And my oldest niece is pregnant they don't call my quilts babymaker for nothing 
In just this last year 3 people I have gifted quilts are pregnant lol!!

Since we are down to just one cat Barney by the way he thinks he's a dog anyway we have become very close ayyy
Well I think that's all have a great Sunday
Talk later Diana