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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Quick baby quilt

So I have been torn give a quilt I have done ...... Or rummage thru my stuff and see what I can do in a couple hours 
Yes I only want to spend 2 hours stop shaking your head it can be done !

So I got this panel   Somewhere and they had a couple yards of this minky too cheep!

So this is where I begin I am going to turn it so I don't have to do binding Ah!

Before I sewed these together I had a aha moment what if I attached some batting 
To the back of the balloon so I cut a piece the size of the balloon and used stick glue 
Voila!  Trapunto then I thought it would need another piece of batting cut a bit smaller
Pin it and start in the middle the top is flannel so no stretchy but the back ayaya

This after I sewed around the balloon sections it's hard to see I know
But I swear it's really cool😁

Another view

I only did the balloon and moon
Oh I forgot to take a pic of the moon
This stuff is not easy to freemotion quilt it stretches and squirms but if you do something small and pin and hold you can do it
2 hours cut sewn and in the wash
I almost have my hunters star complete Yaa 
Talk later I'm on a roll
Lol. Diana