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Friday, June 13, 2014


there's  a storm



tues while myself and husband were at work this huge rain storm came and left the most beautiful clouds

we got 4 3/4 in of rain the road was washed out in several places and one area it washed under and completely moves the black top over to one side

start quilting the grids on my stained glass quilt but its going to set aside for awhile
I friend of mine belong to a Harley club and brought a bag of shirts and wants a quilt I have tried to get out of it for some time but I cant anymore here goes I want them to say wow so I have ripped it out 3 times now I guess I wont charge him for those hour
I have no idea what to charge other than materials I guess a by the hour rate any ideas

Tennessee waltz
I am in love with it it is mine mine mine !
I love how the blocks together appear to be curved
but I have to put it aside for not too
also my husband thinks I should go outside and help him in the yard yuck!
guess what another ciupi have this idea for a quilt and I cant wait to get the blocks at least together

we also managed to get a day off together and went to loading dock and had a fish sandwich yumm!
well that's it today
talk later have a great weekend
usual I will be working it